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Minecraft and the 10 years that have made it

How many times have you logged into Minecraft?

Whether you played on PC, Xbox, PlayStation or on Mobile most people have played the creative sandbox game. Over 250 million game copies have been sold worldwide making it the 2nd most purchased game behind Tetris at 170 million views.

Why Minecraft is so Popular 

With Microsoft realising the potential revenue of Minecraft they purchased the game for $2.5 billion. This was a good move for Microsoft as they successfully predicted that Minecraft would be a good purchase for them. On the other hand, most Minecraft players that still play the game believe that when Microsoft took over the game that was when the game lost it’s original selling points. Minecraft was a simple game where creativity ran free but, Microsoft has been adding too many features that ruin the base game of Minecraft such as wings that allow players to fly around the world. This annoyed players because they enjoyed modding the game when they wanted new additions but keeping the base game as it is so that Minecraft can be fully customisable. Mojang’s decision fuelled the popularity of Minecraft as older users preferred to mod the game to make it more complex and interesting by adding features that they decide.

Celebrating 10 years of Minecraft

Minecraft was officially released on the 17th May 2009 which means that today is the 10th anniversary of Minecraft! There are multiple YouTube creators that still upload Minecraft content and they will be celebrating 10 years of Minecraft content on their channel such as AntVenom. Recently a petition has arisen on change.org that is trying to get the Google Doodle to be a celebration of the anniversary which has received 70 thousand supporters. People want the special day to be remembered as Minecraft has been part of many childhoods around the world and has changed lives for the better.

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