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Do you need a website as a construction company?

Having a website is always beneficial, but is it worth the cost for a construction business?

Absolutely, now let us tell you why.

Despite, a lot of the construction industry relying on referrals to support their growth of new clients, having a digital presence can help them secure those hesitant clients who need more reassurance than a referral.

The growth from referrals can be massive, but sometimes it needs to be supported by having an online presence. In fact our first client was a construction company called KGL Maintenance that specialised in commercial and domestic property needs.

We have seen an increase in construction companies realising how beneficial having a website is.

Use your website to showcase your construction portfolio

This can easily be a good enough reason to acquire a website without any other considerations.

As a service based business a portfolio is essential to showcase that you have the skills to complete your client’s proposed projects.

Luckily in the construction industry a portfolio is easy to build. All you need is some high quality images of your work for clients.

If you do not have previous images from clients, it shouldn’t take too long to start to evidence the great work that has been completed.

By having a bespoke website this allows you to have a custom section to showcase your portfolio to prospective clients easily.

Here is an example of a portfolio section in a website.

Each client you have should have its own tile to portray the work you did for them.

It can be even more beneficial if you create case studies for each client that is linked to each tile in the portfolio section.

This should show how you exceeded expectations for your client and how you overcame any challenges.

Create an authentic brand image with a website

One of the main reasons to get a website is to improve your company’s authenticity.

By having a website you not only can attract more clients via search engines, but you can also refer prospective clients to your new website to show off your work from the previous step.

This helps to show the potential client that your company is a legitimate and trust worthy business.

This is a very important point for construction companies because often clients can be paying thousands of pounds for each project, so they need some trust in your brand which can be built up via having a professionally designed website.

Through social media marketing and a professionally designed website, your brand image can be massively improved to increase your sales.

Your company may be able to cope with smaller clients not requiring to see any previous work on a website, but the same cannot be said for larger companies with bigger budgets.

It will be a standard requirement for larger firms to be able to see previous work carried out and this can be provided by a website very easily.

Providing important business updates via your website

A very useful part of a website is the ability to share updates to your clients. There has been some research conducted that shows because of certain social media algorithms, posts from businesses can be missed by their clients.

This can have a negative impact on your business, especially if the update is very important. An example of an update that can be advertised via a website is a job vacancy.

In our most recent web design project with Portrack Handling, we created them a vacancies page to save costs on advertising that they would have needed to pay without a website.

A useful method of using your website as a construction business is to post updates about your workload and ability to take on new clients.

This will save you time because it can prevent people contacting you regarding projects you know you don’t have time to take on.

If you are a construction company in need for a bespoke website, please contact us.

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