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How to expand your eCommerce store to reach MILLIONS of customers

You’ve setup your new eCommerce store and you’re ready to receive orders from your customers.

But how do you reach new customers to help your eCommerce store growth skyrocket?

We are going to give you the essential tips to help improve your reach to potential customers.

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Before website design, Tech Dream used to be an online eCommerce store, equipped with the latest gaming essentials to improve your setup.

As much as we enjoyed running an eCommerce store, the real passion for us was in website design.

This prior knowledge has helped us gain an extensive understanding for what clients want when requesting that we design them a new eCommerce store. For example:

  • A high volume of users
  • A low bounce rate on their website
  • Users from their target audience
  • And most importantly SALES

But how do you get all these qualities for your new eCommerce website?

The key to success when trying to build a new audience is to not give up. It may feel like you are getting nowhere, but if you are working hard each day, then eventually your business will take off.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so don’t expect your customers to come flooding in on release day, it takes time to establish a reputable brand in today’s society.

However, I am going to share with you some tips to help increase the amount of users that you can get to your eCommerce website.

As stated by Statement Agency, “Many eCommerce businesses fail because they don’t fully plan out their marketing activities”, which is essential to the growth of the eCommerce store.

You have to know exactly who you’re going to market to and how you are going to do so. Starting off with no marketing plan is a fast road to failure in today’s business climate.

Marketing is everything as that’s where you get all of your customers from.

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1. Advertise your business using Google Ads

We have seen massive success here at Tech Dream through the use of Google’s advertising platform. We believe that it is the future for advertising.

More and more businesses are jumping onboard with the platform to advertise their goods and services. It is really easy to setup and we are going to teach you how:

First, setup a Google ads account, this is essential for using Google Ads, as the adverts are linked to your account. Make sure that you remember the password to this account as you will need it later on.

Once you have created your account you should be met with a screen where you can create your campaign.

You need to select the advertising goal that suits your business, In this case, we would select the “Get more website sales or sign-ups”, since we are looking at an eCommerce store.

Set your advertising goal with Google Adwords

You then need to think about when you want your advert to show to Google users.

We had a lot of success by advertising our business with the keyword “Durham” as many people who want services will often look for providers close to them, especially if they are going to be providing a physical service.

For example, if you want to sell mouse mats, some key phrases you want to consider may be “Gaming mouse mats” or “High quality mouse mats”.

Key Tip: Always ensure that you are choosing keywords that are suitable to your niche, you don’t want to try advertise in a saturated market or your SEO will be negatively effected.

Set your keywords with Google Adwords

You need to think about a few key factors for your Google Adwords account to be beneficial to your business.

The first is budget, what is your current budget for marketing and how much would you be willing to invest into advertising?

Google ads wont get you seen by millions, but with the correct budget you can start the ball rolling and earn some serious profit which you can invest in our next tip which will get you seen by millions all at once..

Set your budget with Google Adwords

Once you have finished setting up your billing account. You will be met with your dashboard. It’s as easy as that!

Now people who search your key phrases will see your website link and you will receive more traffic. We advise that you set the link to your ads to go straight to your store page.

Our ads go to our homepage because we don’t need to direct traffic to a specific page as there are contact forms on our homepage.

But, if your advert is focused on content that is not on your homepage, we would always advise to link directly to that page.

Like in this case where we will be advertising the store products, so naturally that would save the user time to link to the store page.

2. Advertising your business on Instagram

Most businesses these days have Instagram business pages to try and reach potential customers via social media.

In the past few years social media marketing has became a very good way to advertise your brand and show that you’re an active business in the community.

We use our Instagram account to prove to potential client’s that we know what we’re talking about and that we are actively engaging in the website design community.

This helps us to follow trends and catch up on our fellow businesses in the industry.

If you don’t already do this I highly recommend doing this as it has seen our profit increase.

Growth on Instagram through adverts

As well as keeping up with your niche on Instagram, you can purchase advertisements on Instagram.

We have experimented with Instagram adverts that are sold by Instagram in the past and we personally haven’t found them to be beneficial to our business.

We do know other businesses that have found them to increase their profits significantly, we won’t be covering Instagram ads sold by Instagram but, don’t rule them out!

The first step that you want to do to gain a large following is to find large accounts that have a following that are similar to your target audience.

If you are going to be selling plants, then you would want an influencer who is passionate about nature and the outdoors.

Their followers will ignore your ad completely if it has nothing to do with the influencer’s account.

Our client Fast Lane Competitions, recently advertised with Aaron Chalmers who has 2.3 million followers, which really shows that you can be seen by millions using this technique.

Fast Lane Competitions has since seen their sales rise by 40% since the launch of their website.

Top instagram account for referral

Once you have found your accounts, you need to DM or email them and ask to purchase an advertisement with the money you got from step 1.

We suggest going with a story post to start with until you find whether this form of advertising works for your business as it is not 100% guaranteed.

3. How to get customers to refer you to their friends?

If you want your eCommerce business to thrive, you need your current customers to refer you to their friends, that way you are gaining new customers without paying a penny from your bank account, which is what every business owner dreams of doing.

A referral program can help grow your business massively as you will be gaining new customers while focusing on current marketing strategies.

The more customers you receive, the more potential referrals you will receive, so once you get the ball rolling this strategy can vastly improve your customer base.

Check out Referral Candy’s list of 80 epic referral programs that you can steal

Referral program strategy for WordPress

The power of referrals is endless, it works for any business and is much more effective at generating profit over other marketing strategies such as purchasing advertisements.

You are more likely to use a service or buy a product if your friend has told you it is worth your time and money.

We always try to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability in the hope that they refer us to their fellow friends and family members.

But how do you start a referral program? It’s harder than it looks to get customers to express their satisfaction of your product to their friends and family.

But, don’t worry we will show you one of the most effective ways to get customers to start gloating about your products.

We recommend the Affiliates plugin by itthinx.

This plugin allows you to link directly into your eCommerce store.

Each referral will give the customer a discount code on your store that you can set in the Affiliates dashboard. It is a fully custom plugin that will boost your referrals instantly, because who doesn’t love a discount, right!

Hopefully with these tips you will be able to see instant success in your eCommerce analytics.

With these tips, you will be able to get your eCommerce website to the top and reach MILLIONS of people, if you follow the steps in this blog correctly.

We would love to hear about your eCommerce store, so if you do have any questions, feel free to comment them or directly message us on our Instagram.

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