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What we provide…

We strive for our clients to have the best experience when creating their website with us. Our main goal to help achieve this is to provide you with a bespoke website that will drive traffic to your business. However, the way we do that is also important to us. Here at Tech Dream an agile development plan is used, which means we believe regular communication, reviews and feedback from our clients is essential for their website to turn out how they want it to. We provide you with multiple concept designs, prototypes and more which you get to choose which ones you prefer. Customer care is important to us and is at the forefront of our priorities.  

SEO optimisation

We offer Search Engine Optimisation which will vastly improve search results.

Industry standard add-ons

Integrations are essential. We will install and set them up for you to further improve functionality.

High-end software

Our development software is the best in the industry which helps with our efficient development. 

Mobile optimisation

Our layout will be mobile friendly, which is important as  over half of traffic online is from mobiles.


Security monitoring

We will monitor your site for any suspicious behaviour such as hacking or malware.

Sculptured to your business

You tell us what you want, no matter how small or big the business we can make it work. 


Regular feedback

During the project we will communicate about ideas and concepts. 

Thorough testing throughout

Your website will be tested on multiple platforms to ensure it is functional.

Phase 1 – Planning

What this phase consists of 

  • We gather your aims for the project  If we know what you want to achieve from having a high-quality website we will be able to fine-tune our design to ensure the best results. This will be done via a set of basic questions to outline your goals.
  • You tell us about your business – What you do, what your future business plans are, whether you plan to expand are all necessary questions so we can help to advise the layout and the content of the website.
  • We discuss what content you want – Whilst we can advise what works well, we don’t know what you want on the website.


Of IT projects fail due to no planning

Phase 2 – Design

What this phase consists of 

  • Initial wireframe  Now that we know what you want in the website we need to come up with a basic layout. This will often be done on pen and paper as it is just a vague outline of where the content will go on your website.
  • Feedback from you – Now that we have made you some basic designs you have the opportunity to discuss with us what you like and don’t like about the concept design.
  • Improve and repeat – We don’t move onto the development stage until you are happy, this gives you a chance to change the layout and the design to your perfect style. Once agreed upon a layout we will start the development phase,

Phase 3 – Development

What this phase consists of 

  • We begin a prototype of the website – Now we are on the fun part! You get to see your perfect website being created.
  • Revisions / Feedback – Now that we have created your website we will offer you 2 revisions which will include minor changes that need to be made such as changing images, text or sizing.    
  • We hand your website over to you – This will include setting an admin account on the website so you have full control and moving the content from our development sub-domain to your domain server.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!


That’s it – Are you ready?