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PHL had an outdated and broken website that was not providing them with any enquiries. They are a leading provider of standby / firewatch services in the North East. With over 500k safe hours and upwards of 20 employees, they are a quickly growing company and needed a bespoke website to keep up with their outstanding success.



What we provided

    – Bespoke website

    – Elegant animations

    – Competitor analysis

Jasper and Poppy

The challenge

PHL required a website that advertised their services in a clear professional format. Their old website had the content they needed, but a bad navigation structure coupled with no clear user flow made the website inaccessible for users. Our new solution needed to be aesthetically pleasing for the company to fit their professional brand. Furthermore, their old website caused lots of technical issues for the company. The main one being a significant amount of images disappeared on their website randomly. Luckily, with our website development software, we knew this wouldn’t be an issue. The final challenge that was presented to us was to create a careers page that could easily be used to post jobs by the client. We needed to make sure that the web page was easy to edit by the client and there wouldn’t be any added confusion.

PHL's old homepage designPHL Website Homepage






The solution

The first step to overcome the challenges of the project was to liaise with the clients about what webpages they needed to keep and which can be removed. We managed to remove a few unnecessary pages, like the company blog page which was unused. With the remaining pages we optimised the webpage navigation by moving some pages to the footer and putting pages in drop down lists to not create a complicated user experience for the user. To make the website aesthetically pleasing we used a number of design techniques that would only be possible with our unrivalled experience. We create elegant animations with the brand image in mind to ensure the website was not static, but also didn’t go over the top and ruin the user experience. A very effective way of making the webpage less static was to have an image in the parallax format. This means the image looks like it is moving when the user scrolls down the page.

SEO package

We carried out full SEO optimisation site wide. This was essential to the success of the website because this would provide the traffic that was necessary to generate new enquiries. We primarily targeted local SEO techniques as their business relies on their customer’s geographical location being in the North East.



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