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The reason the Boeing 373 Max’s crashed

With the recent crashes of two Boeing 737 Max planes people are starting to wonder WHY?

Around 25% of all people are recorded to be scared of flying so it is no wonder why people are so concerned of new aircraft failing in the skies. People want to feel safe when flying just like any other modern mode of transport. Constant boasting from Boeing suggests that their aircraft would be safe for commercial travel. Boeing is one of the biggest companies in the world so their safety standards are expected to be high, especially when lives are on the line.

Initially there were multiple theories about the crashes such as, pilot error, mid air collision and engine failure to name a few. The FFA never confirmed any of these theories and decided to investigate alongside Boeing to find out the cause of the fatal crashes.

The cause of the disasters

In the end, a faulty angle of attack sensor was the cause of the Lion Air 737 Max crash off Indonesia last October that killed all 189 people on board. On the outside of the aircraft their was a faulty sensor that caused a new anti-stall system called MCAS to pitch the nose downwards as the system thought that the aircraft was going to stall due to the pilots pitching the nose upwards which means less air goes ontop on the wing causing the aircraft to fall out of the sky. But, in this case MCAS was wrong and the aircraft was at a safe angle which therefore caused the plane to pitch downwards into the waters off Jakarta. With the Ethiopian Airlines disaster officials believe that MCAS was to blame again which killed 157 people. With the same system causing two disasters change needs to be implemented into the Boeing 737 Max 8s.

What Boeing have done to prevent this going further

Boeing has taken the crashes very seriously and has decided to take action on the planes after multiple countries have grounded the plane model and said that they will not allow that model to fly over their airspace for example, the UK and US. They have released a statement saying they will install an extra safety alarm in the cockpit of the 737 max 8s. The planes have two angle of attack sensors but if one of them detects the plane is going to stall MCAS kicks in and prevents the plane from pitching downwards. This is a massive safety risk as the sensors could be disagreeing and the pilots wouldn’t know and couldn’t prevent the anti-stall like in the disasters stated. The new safety sensor has an indicator that tells the pilots whether the sensors disagree which can help prevent a false stall.

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