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Keep up with your competitors and innovate your web design with our experts.

How we can help

We will work with you to identify the flaws in your website that is stopping you from reaching your target audience. We have fresh ideas to ensure your website is a unique masterpiece that can improve your clicks from Google by 33%! We can incorporate new functionality e.g. live chats, booking systems and more to improve your customer experience.


Why do you need a modern design?

A modern design is now the bare minimum for a competitive business. If your website is 5+ years old it will almost certainly be vulnerable to hackers that will steal your customer’s data. Furthermore, a new redesign will improve the speed and aesthetic of your website thus improving your sales from your website.


Why choose us?

Our award-winning web design skills are what make our client’s grow. The majority of our clients opt for the web redesign service and we are highly experienced in it. Let us freshen up your website with our innovative designs.


Old software slows your website down. We use the fastest software & servers in the industry to ensure your users aren’t waiting for your website to load.


Google is constantly changing the best way to get to the top of the search results. We will update your website to ensure you get the clicks you deserve.


Outdated software is riddled with vulnerabilities that will allow hackers to steal your customers’s data. Update your website with us today.


PHL's old homepage designPHL Website Homepage

Portrack Handling Limited


PHL had an outdated and broken website that was not providing them with any enquiries. They are a leading provider of standby / firewatch services in the North East. With over 500k safe hours and upwards of 20 employees.


What we did for them?

We understand that website redesign can be a complex and challenging process, but with our expertise and attention to detail, we are able to deliver exceptional results. When PHL approached us for their website redesign, we knew we had to step up to the challenge.

We started by communicating with the client to identify which pages were essential and which could be removed, streamlining the website for a more efficient user experience. With a clear understanding of the client’s needs, we began to create bespoke designs that were well-received and provided a much-needed update to their existing website.

Our unrivaled experience allowed us to use a variety of techniques to make the website visually stunning and engaging. We created elegant animations that reinforced the brand image and avoided overcomplicating the user experience.

The website was also designed to be easy for the client to edit and update. Once the website was developed, we worked closely with PHL’s IT management company to transfer email accounts and DNS settings, making sure the transition was seamless without interruption to their business operations.

The end result was a website that exceeded PHL’s expectations and demonstrated our ability to deliver exceptional results in the face of challenges.


Why they chose us?

PHL decided to go with Tech Dream because of our expert technical support and the fact that we don’t just create you a website, we grow with your business.

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