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How to maintain your business through the Coronavirus

How to maintain your business through the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic with over 95 thousand deaths as of writing this.

This has caused many issues with the world, health being one but if you are a business owner you will know far too well how the economy can affect your business.

With stock markets crashing due to the virus it is a scary time for business owners.

What can be done to combat the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus if filled with uncertainty as nobody can be sure how this virus will persist around the world and how badly it is going to affect us.

We have to prepare for the worst case scenario.

As a business owner this will involve a few steps that we can help you with to try and maintain your business through this unknown phenomenon.

The first is to alert your customers or clients about what measures you will be putting in place to keep staff safe or to halt business operations.

This can be done in numerous ways. We suggest a social media post with a live stream on Instagram or Facebook.

This is the best way to inform your audience and provide them with an easy way to communicate any concerns that they may have about the issue.

How to use Instagram live

Instagram live button
  1. Ensure that your followers know when the live stream is going to be. This can be done by announcing the time on the social media post.
  2. Tap the camera icon or swipe right while in your Instagram feed to access the panel to start your livestream.
  3. Choose the live option and fire away.
  4. When you are finished hit the end button and the livestream will be stopped.

How to inform your website visitors?

The second thing that you can do is post a notice on your website regarding any notices or changes in your business operation due to Coronavirus.

If you would like a professional team to do this for you contact us here.

A website notice is essential to inform your customers of how this is going to affect them.

What sources are reliable about Coronavirus?

The final way that you can ensure that your business will survive through the Coronavirus is by keeping up-to date with factual news sites to get all the latest updates that may affect your business.

Some of the best ones in the UK that are reliable and will inform you of the decisions that you will have to make are:

bbc news logo

BBC News

World Health Organisation


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