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Having a website opens you up to a whole new market of customers. We specialize in web design, with one of our handcrafted, bespoke websites you are sure to improve business performance and compete within your industry. Free website hosts cause customers to be put off by the poor design, lack of relevant content and slow speeds, whereas at Tech Dream we let you choose how your dream website would look like and we create and maintain it. Through the use of agile development you join us every step of the way through helping your business secure it’s online presence so that no detail is left behind.  

High-end software

Our industry standard software allows us to efficiently create elegant websites for our clients. This allows us to handcraft your concepts into reality through the use of designing the optimum layout with the help of CSS. 

SEO optimised

There’s no point in having a website if nobody knows about it. We ensure that your website gets a high ranking on Google through the use of SEO optimisation so that you can drive more traffic than competitors through your website.

Responsive mobile design

Did you know 52% of web traffic came from mobile devices in 2019? We design your website with responsiveness in mind from the first wireframe to the final product. We run thorough testing to ensure your website is mobile friendly.

Our website for Salema Photos

Salema Photos had the main goal of selling high-quality photos through the use of an online eCommerce platform. With full WooCommerce integration, we allowed the organisation to target a new band of customers with their new website. It was a high priority for Salema Photos to be able to upload the high quality images without it slowing down the site and impacting user experience. Due to the advanced image optimisation we used the website runs fast and allows customers to get an immersive feel of the location the photo was taken at.

Still not convinced?

From the minute we read the goals of Salema Photos it was apparent to us that mobile responsiveness was a high priority as most of their traffic would be processed by mobile devices. To help with this we worked with the client through multiple discussions about how we would preserve the feel of the desktop layout without impacting the user experience. Here at Tech Dream we design multiple options for our clients so that they have full freedom with how their website to perform and be viewed by their customers.

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