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Search Engine Optimisation


What is SEO optimisation?

SEO is the act of optimising your website to show closer to the top when a user types a relevant keyword into Google/Bing. We will perform a number of actions on your website and on other websites to help search engines understand what content your website should rank highly for. With our planned out bespoke SEO strategy we will methodically go through each webpage and assess what keywords it should rank for to get the best result. Alongside optimising each web page we will create backlinks to improve the trustworthiness of your site. This is a key step to improve the amount of clicks to your website. If required we will setup a Google My Business & Bing Places for business pages to help advertise your services to your target audience.


How will it help your website?

If you’re wanting to rule the search results in your industry and convert more users for less money search engine optimisation is the way forward. If you’re a startup/SME then SEO is a great way to increase the amount of clicks to your website without spending thousands on adverts. With these added clicks there is a greater chance of the users converting. Another key benefit of our service is we will analyse your current website to check for any penalties handed out. These will be repaired to ensure that your website is not blacklisted from your target audience. By outranking your competitors you will gain trust from your potential customers and create an established brand within your industry.


Why choose us?

Not only are we SEO Service of the Year 2021, but our client success stories show how we can help improve your website conversions with SEO. Our clients typically enjoy 33% more clicks to their website via our SEO service. With over 33% more users from Google & Bing, our clients have seen their money they spent on the service paid back within the first month. SEO is a much more sustainable method of gaining users than adverts because it is a one off spend and the benefits last a lot longer. Our expert knowledge on the subject will help your website to attract and convert more users.


Your website will show up above competitors and give you a better brand representation. Nobody likes to be on page 5 of Google.


You will notice a big increase in users when your website is optimised for search engines. Increase your leads by working with us.


SEO penalties can stop your website showing up where it deserves on the search results. Use our service and get them removed now.


Fair Car Competitions website showcase

Fair Car Competitions


Fair Car Competitions is a high-end car competition business with an aspiration to become a leader in their market. To establish their dominance over their competition they appointed us to optimise their website to increase sales.


What we did for them?

We began with thorough keyword research to identify longtail keywords that would drive traffic to Fair Car Competitions’ website. These keywords were then integrated into the meta descriptions and page titles to signal to search engines the products and services offered by the company.

To further improve SEO, we created a sitemap to help search engines easily navigate the website and understand its content. Additionally, we set up a Google My Business page to increase visibility and drive sales.

Finally, we built a backlink campaign to improve the website’s trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing.


What were the results?

We saw amazing results for Fair Car Competitions as a result of the SEO service with their average click percentage increasing by 33% when a user was displayed with the website. Also, their website increased 22 positions on Google, overtaking key competitions and increasing their visibility. This lead to thousands of extra tickets being sold to their competitions.

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