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Social Media Marketing & Web Design – Buy from the same business?

Why is social media marketing important?

Web design is a much larger industry and has a higher demand than social media marketing, but as with most digital presence improvements for businesses, the social media marketing industry is steadily growing.

Despite, web design usually being the first thing a new startup requires in the digital space, social media is an amazing tool that can be utilised to provide outstanding results for a business.

This guide can massively help to improve the social media campaign of a business and it is dedicated to business owners, so it is easy to follow.

The main negative with improving social media for a business is that it is very time consuming and often the business does not see the growth it desires within the first few months.

This causes most business owners to burnout, or prioritse other parts of the business.

Rightly so if a part of your business is taking up too much time and you aren’t seeing results you are going to stop it aren’t you?

It’s at this point that you should hire professionals to take over the social media marketing of your business.

It is important that after this burnout phase that you continue to pursue the social media marketing of your business because it can provide you with a free method of gaining valuable leads, especially in your local area.

Brand identity is stopping your business from growing

Brand identity is one of those phrases that is often used by professionals, but isn’t usually explained very well.

Our best way of describing brand identity in simple terms is that no matter where your customer is looking at your business, whether it be on your website or social media they should instantly recognise some key similarities.

This can be font, colour schemes and the overall feel of the design.

Take our latest Instagram post and compare it to our website, without any Tech Dream branding, you can see how this post is most likely posted by us.

Tech Dream Instagram post

But what is the issue with not having the same colours as your website when you create a design for your social media?

Well, your customer won’t remember your brand!

By constantly reminding your customer of your key brand colours they will remember your business and service, rather than if you used red on your social media and blue on your website.

Think of some of your favourite companies, such as Facebook, Amazon and Twitter.

You can hopefully remember what key colours they use in their branding.

This helps you remember their company and service.

This is an easy thing to do to improve your business awareness.

You can discover more about brand identity here.

Working with the same business preserves brand identity

Now that we know how important brand identity is, we need to know how to implement it within your web design & social media marketing.

By working with a group of designers from different companies to create your company website and maintain your social media can cause your brand identity to be confused.

There’s a very slim chance that two designers will use the same font or style of design for both.

This is why we recommend working with the same business to carry out your web design and social media marketing.

By doing so, you will ensure that no matter where your customers find you, your brand will be clearly identifiable.

Thus, increasing brand awareness.

If you no longer have time for your social media or need some expert help with your website, we can be of assistance. Contact us for more information.

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